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A blog is born….

As someone who has always felt the need to reflect on life and document it through written diaries it seems a natural progression to move over to the realm of personal blogging. So here goes!

For me, writing is a means of emptying out my thoughts and feelings, and often I manage to write myself into realising what has been bothering me or holding me back. I also want to use this blog as a way of exploring my interests –  writing, books, movies, mental health and psychology, people, nature/animals and education/teaching. I now find myself in my late 20’s and filled with the urge to get everything done in life at the same time; marriage, kids, a mortgage, and yet I want to slow down and enjoy the ordinary day to day things that make life so beautiful and charming. I hope that this blog will help me do that, and that along the way I might be able to learn a little, connect with some interesting people and hopefully make some sense of this madness called life.


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Bud – TJ’s Haiku Challenge

Yesterday I went to a crafts fair with my mum. It left me feeling very arty farty, and itching to get creative. I realised that I have failed to regularly update my blog since its birth not long ago (something I started in order to awaken my dormant creative side). After a few moments of reprimanding myself and feeling guilty, it dawned on me that this is a place where I shouldn’t put pressures or demands on how much I write. In fact, this is the only place in my life where there are no consequences for not having done something. How freeing!

Now here is my attempt at a Haiku in response to TJ’s weekly challenge. It’s my first ever one – so feedback is a necessity! 

The topic this week was bud.

Wake up little bud
Stretch soft petals akimbo
Yawning, face your sun 

Is it bad to wonder?

brain farts.png

I wonder about a lot of things. What is the variation in the difference between a latte and a flat white between coffee shops? How many calories is there in a cracker? Is there a new BBC drama that I am missing out on? I go about my daily life with the usual bombardment of thoughts, some which are born of my own brain’s whirrings and others which have come from the subtle messages and advertisements designed to prime me to have certain thoughts.

We live in a time where we can check pretty much anything. One word. Google. For me this powerful and almost other worldly search engine has allowed doors to open which I may well have want left shut had I been born in the time of Jane Austen. Before I had my first ever mobile phone, I’d wonder about something trivial, and then go about my day and subsequently forget about it. ‘Oh, that looks like a good show, I must remember to check some reviews on it… ‘Who cares?! Go see it anyway, experience it for yourself in all its glorious shoddiness.

I’ve begun to live my life through a window of other people’s thoughts and opinions. And as much as that connection is a comfort, it can be exceedingly tiring. I’m a regular visitor of community forums which start with ‘what do you think…?’, and ‘what does it mean if…?’. Perhaps it doesn’t matter what they think, and perhaps it doesn’t mean anything.

I suppose what I am trying to get at, is that sometimes being able to check or research every passing wondering is a bad thing. Firstly, it is exhausting. Secondly, it may stop you from experiencing things for yourself, and thirdly, it may become addictive or at the very least a bad habit. Now, let me be clear, I am not talking about deep and meaningful thoughts, or big research questions on string theory or quantum physics or the human psyche. I think it’s wonderful if you are wondering about these types of things and then acting on those wonderings by trying to build your knowledge. I am talking about brain farts. Those little puffs of waste cells that are not worth the time or energy (sorry little farts). Next time, I want to reach for my mobile phone to check ‘what bikini bottoms suit pear-shaped women?’ and ‘what area of London is nice for first time buyers?’ before I’ve even started saving a deposit, I may just cut myself some slack and go and do something more fun or productive, like read a book, sing a song or write a new blog post.

*And let’s give credit where credit is due. My lovely image is courtesy of a google search. Thank you google. I know our relationship can be a tumultuous one, but I do appreciate you.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge – week 32 

So I’m taking part in the odd ball photography challenge. 

This was taken when I visited a friend in Romania back in 2010. I’m not sure if this is an Oddball photo but it certainly doesn’t fit into any category. And as per the definition of Oddball as “free spirit” this old lady certainly fits the bill – slowly ambling across a “keep off” lawn. Rebel.

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